GCD Fit for Life – Sleep Cycles

I had never kept track of how long I sleep in a night, so it was very interesting for me to take on the task of recording my sleep cycle for a whole month. I have tried many ways to maximize my sleep quality in minimal amount of time such as using the 90 minute sleeping cycle system. This allowed me to wake up at the right time making it feel much more natural. To keep track of my sleep, I used an iPhone application called SleepBot. This application keeps track of the amount of time you have slept and records any movement or sound during your sleep. Here is a screen shot of my sleeping records for a month:


In general, I found I have quite a good sleep pattern. During week days, I would get back home at around 5 to 6pm and then take a nap. This power nap is very helpful to me as it increased my awareness when I am studying at night. After dinner, I would begin working late into the night, then spending about 6 hours in bed before starting another day. On average, I would get 7.2 hours of sleep every day, which I think is quite acceptable. However the optimum level of sleep for my age is 8 hours and above. So over the few days I had recorded my sleep, I have accumulated around 27 hours of sleep dept. I would try to sleep in during the weekends and try to catch up on some sleep. So often there are sudden increases in sleep hours as seen in the graphs above. Also from the application, I noticed that I did not move or make a lot of sound when I sleep. This is a good indication that suggests that my sleep is of a high quality.

From this month’s sleep observations, I believe I am quite healthy with the amount of sleep I got a night. However, with senior year approaching fast, I hope I can maintain this level of sleep. Maintaining a good balance between work and sleep will be the key to success and a healthier lifestyle.


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