GCD Digital Citizenship – Digital Footprint

We live in a world today filled with information that is easily accessible by us. With a touch of a screen, I am able to watch live football game that is going on in England. This would have never been possible just 20 years ago and we owe this to the rapid expansion of information communication technology. I have been part of this “netizen” for a couple of years and I have used this amazing tool to do quite a number of things that would have not been possible without the help of the internet.

The internet has become an everyday tool for everyone. However, like almost any other thing in life, the internet also keeps track of your every movement. This is known as the digital footprint. This footprint is very critical information that acts like an online identification for you. It is much more important than you might think. It is said that colleges would often search the applicant names on Google to see if he/she has a positive online footprint. The result would help the college make their admission decision. Looking further down the line, this googling idea might also apply when it is time to enter the work force. No company would want to hire people with a bad online records as it would do damage to the business’ public image.

Having been using Facebook since I was 14 years old, I have not always been aware of this idea of a digital footprint until very recently. At first, I would just post very random statuses such as “is bored”, “is playing a game”, “is about to sleep” shows up. They aren’t harmful to my footprint in anyway but shows a difference to the person I am now. This progression of time is very valuable and it should be kept on Facebook as it is part of my identity.

In order to protect myself from the rest of the internet, I have done a lot of research into setting my Facebook’s privacy settings to the maximum so people that who are no my friends can only see the bare minimum. To increase my internet privacy and awareness, I would also from time to time Google my name to see what type of search results and if there are the results that I want people to see (results shown below). Until now, my Google results of my name are all positive. I also created accounts with Linkedin, Youtube, Soundclould and other various social networking sites. My Linkedin account is a professional way for me to present myself to the world and my Youtube and Soundcloud channels are ways for me to share my love for music with the netizen community. I have tried my best to make sure that everything I post on these channels would be appropriate and I would not regret anything in the future.

In order to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a real digital citizen and how to maintain a good online presence, I conducted some research on how to keep a good online footprint, here is the presentation.

Everyone in secondary school gets either a windows tablet or a Macbook. The school has given us access to this technology as a tool to facilitate our school work. However, before receiving these machines, everyone had to sign an agreement on the acceptable use policy. The policy consisted of things that we are not suppose to do at school using these machines and presented a list of guidelines that we must follow. These guidelines are very broad so it still gives us users the freedom while keeping us in line. To my knowledge, I believe I have been sticking to the guidelines and following the rules strictly. This makes me a very sensible and accountable netizien and I will continue to comply with these rules.

I have used the internet to my benefit many times. In the recent Student Council elections, I was able to use Facebook to campaign and rally votes for myself.  It was a great way to reach a lot of people in a very short amount of time. Another digital application that I have made comes from a year 10 technology project. I made an application about Model United Nations for Apple and Android devices. It gives detailed descriptions about how MUN works and would be of good help to the newer students just joining MUN. To check out this application, please click on the link below:


I believe information technology has changed the way many things have been conducted with this change it has also created a lot of dangers. As Bill Gates once said, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” With ever increasing new social media sites, it is more important than ever to remain safe on the internet.



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