Cornell thus far…

Cornell has been home for the past few months and I really like it here. The campus is beautiful and I started to develop a routine and I feel like I am slowly becoming a Cornellian.

Walking back to North at 3am, shamelessly falling asleep on the desks of Uris or Olin, going to nasty or louis at 2am. I have experienced them all.

Cornell is like a wild bull. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before. You must find the perfect balance between sleep, homework/ grades, extracurriculars and social life. Finding this balance leads to success at Cornell, or for that fact anywhere in life.
I have to learn to find this balance. First I need to set my priorities straight. I have always viewed everything, (grades, extracurriculars, social life except sleep) as all equally important. But that is actually not the case. Grades should be on top by a huge mile, then comes my personal health (sleep and diet). After all this comes my extracurriculars and social life. I try to do a lot of thing back at high school, but this is not highschool anymore and really need to learn to say “No!”.

I learned this lesson the hard way. It is always fun to leave campus and go on a trip to other Ivys. That is what I did last weekend when I went to Princeton with the marching band. What I forgot to weigh in was the fact that I had two prelims the next week and a tonne of homework all due in the same week. When I got back from Princeton, I shocked myself with my poor decision as a huge pile of work sat in front of me staring at me. That week, I had a combined total of around 20 hours of sleep. It was not pleasant or healthy at all.

Speaking of health, many of my floor mates have been telling me that I have lost a lot of weight. I am a very weird person. I do not feel stress, the more work I have the more motivated and focused I am. Maybe I am just not physically conscious about my stress and my body reacts through weight loss. I mean I do not think there is any other explanation. I eat a lot at every meal and try to stay on a balanced diet, always consuming vegetables and fruits. I mean after all, even my RA says that freshmen 15 does not exist at Cornell.

But wow, in a little over a month, I would be done with my first semester at Cornell and will be taking a plane back to Bangkok. This semester has gone by so fast, but reflecting on the past months, I have completed a lot of things.

Joined marching band, learned to play the trumpet, visited Yale and Columbia, played at a NFL halftime show, seen great musicians, Steven Isserlis, Robert Levin and Emanuel Ax, perform live, taken 5 prelims, wrote countless papers, took over a million steps, walked well over 100
km, performed with CSO, drank 3 cups of coffee (surprisingly, I just started to need to drink coffee), took countless naps in the libraries, watched 5 ice hockey games, learned the rules of football (american football here), discovered the joys of Amazon Prime and ate at various dining halls on campus.

The list does go on, but that is all I could think of right now.

With one more month of school left, it is the final push. Grades are of utmost importance if I want to get this double major with AEM. But now that I have learned my lesson, a repeat of Princeton weekend should not be repeated again.

Go Red!


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