Last Home Game

The wind was particularly strong today and it was very cold wearing our uniform, but that did not down the spirit of the band. It was the last home game of the season! This also means this is the last time the seniors would be marching at Schoellkopf.

The day started off with just the underclassmen showing up to morning rehearsal. This was because, as tradition dictates, the seniors all go to Sax-house to get breakfast. After morning rehearsal, we put on our uniforms and headed out to parade the team from Statler. Oh, the reminds me, I have never actually ever explained how game day for the marching band works.

Football games typically occur on Saturdays. It starts off with a morning rehearsal where we run over our show to make sure that everything is on point. We would then change into our uniforms and head out to parade the team from the Statler hotel. It is said that the football team gets breakfast at Statler before going into Schoellkopf to prepare for the game. We would do a loop around Statler drive playing Davy and then march out with the football team trailing behind us. Next the band would take a break and have some food (Pudgies Pizza!). We would then march towards the Cornell Store where we would conduct a concert of typically 3 sets. After that we would go to the tailgaters outside the Schoellkopf and play a concert for them. This then leads us to Schoellkopf itself where we would do our pregame show. Typically we would allow the other visiting band to go first, and the home band follows after. Then it is back into the stands for the first half playing cheers during time outs and when the ball is not in play. Then during halftime,  we do the halftime show. Then in the third quarter, the trumpets does something called commando raiding, which is playing cheers just as a section and we would be running around to different areas of Schoellkopf to do so. Then in the fourth quarter we would all be back together as one band.

Spirits are very high as we were going to Columbia. As we have not won a single game this season, and the fact that Columbia was the only team we beat last year, hopes were all very high. This was not a good thing to do because it is Cornell football, anything can happen. After tailgating and doing all the concert, we headed down for pregame. Pregame was Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit. It was a very beautiful piece and the showcomm did an amazing job of writing a great drill.

The pregame concert this time was not played at the Cornell Store. It was instead played inside Uris Library. I think this is another one of our traditions for the last home game. It is quite exciting playing a concert in a place that is normally dead silent. It was a great experience.

It was very cold to sit in the stands, the wind was very strong. Every time the clouds cleared and the sunlight shined through, I would cry in joy. However the sun did not last at all, and soon it was covered by clouds again. The Big Red went off to a good start. We scored a field goal early on in the first quarter. Surprisingly we were able to maintain this lead till half time.

The halftime show was How to Train your Dragon and Game of Thrones. This is all part of what we call our Dragon show. Games of Thrones is a very hard drill as it is played in ¾ time but we have to march in 4/4. On top of that, it is a very fast paced piece of music so it is just very challenging.

The game ended well and CORNELL WON! The first win of the season!!! The final score was surprisingly 3-0. That field goal we scored in the first quarter gave us the win! I think the daily sun puts it the best, “There was more quarters in that game than points!”. But hey, a win’s a win and that is all the Big Red needed. Also, I finally got to experience the traditions that are done when we do win a football game! Someone else turns our hats in reverse and I finally got to play Cornell victorious. It was a great moment as the football team all came to the band and the amount of school spirit was great.

As this was our last home game, there was also some traditions that needed to be followed. After the game, we had a senior concert. What the senior concert is that every senior gets to conduct a song of their choice. This year there was a huge senior class so there was a total of 12 sets. This was a lot of songs that needed to be played and the senior concert was very long. However, it was a very emotional moment for every senior as this means that their time at band has ended. The night ended in a lot of tears and sadness, but as they say, good things always come to an end.

This Columbia game is also the last game of my season. Unfortunately I would not be able to go to Penn (sucks). I have had so much fun at band and to join band was one of the weirdest decisions I have ever made. But I can tell you now that it is also one of the best decisions ever.

Join Band!


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