Environmental Committee Intorduciton

There are a large variety of environmental issues that occur on campus. Most of these are discussed in the Environmental Committee of Student Assembly which I am apart of. The committee met for the first time this semester on Friday (2/5/16) where we met some of our new members of the group and came together to discuss the plan for the semester and split into sub groups. The subgroups for this semester were: water bottles, cigarette buds, reusable containers and heating.

As part of the banning water bottle group last semester, I decided to continue with working with this group. After President Garrett vetoed our resolution last semester, we have to take another approach at tackling this issue. We would now try to find a way to go around the administration and try to end the sales of water bottles without. This might seem like an absurd idea but because the administration does not agree we have no choice but to do this.

Our plan is to target individual cafes and attempt to convince them to stop selling water bottles. This might seem undoable because in order for a café to stop selling bottles it would most likely need to get a go ahead from Dining. But Dining would most likely need a go ahead from the administration. However, Martha’s café in the Human Ecology building had actually successfully banned the sale of water bottles on campus. This was possible because Martha’s got the support of the Dean, professors and students of the Human Ecology College.

Our meeting ended on that note. We would be drawing up a plan of attack at our next meeting and attempt to get some action this semester!


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