2035 Climate Justice

Today is the day that everything comes together. It is the day where two weeks of planning starts to come into shape. A few of the activists in our group wrote a resolution calling for more action and attention towards the Cornell Climate Action plan. All of this was discussed at the first meeting and today is the day that the Student Assembly would get to finally vote on this issue.

First, there was a rally of around 50 people outside Willard Straight hall. These people were all holding up signs that read “#2035, Keep us Alive!” and “Climate Action Now!”. All of this was designed to get the attention of the student body and voting members on the Student Assembly, showing that the student body does actually care about the Climate Action plan. I unfortunately was not able to make it to this march; however, I did attend the Student Assembly meeting itself.

Our leaders presented this resolution to the assembly, stating that it is essential to address this issue. It was crucial that Cornell becomes a leader and a living laboratory to show the rest of the country that it is completely possible to become Carbon Natural. What President Skorton had done with this plan was bold and very innovative and it is important that Cornell sticks to this timeline and become the first institution in America to accomplish such a feat.

There was not much debate in the Student Assembly as it seems like everyone in the room understood the importance of this resolution. When it came to vote the resolution was passed unanimously. It is a success to a continued battle against the current administration to achieve the Climate Action plan and it is one we are not willing to back down on.


Here is the Cornell Daily Sun’s Article about this resolution.



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