Environmental Committee Meeting

Today we had our first official environmental committee meeting. As the environmental committee, we had the right to vote on any resolution that is environmentally related before it can be able to passed onto Student Assembly. Today we got a resolution like that and it was in regards to increasing the sustainability and comfort in residential dormitories. The proposed idea was that we would give students much more freedom in what temperature they want their dorm rooms to feel like. In the resolution, it stated that a little over 50% of all students live on campus and by giving the freedom for students to change the temperature of their dorms, it would allow Cornell to save electricity.

I personally thought it was a great idea as I could relate to this issue. My room is always very cold when I wake up in the morning. It would be great if I could take control of the temperature of my room. I would reduce the power of the air conditioning which would actually save the university electricity and become more sustainable. But some of my other committee members were quite skeptical about this because of convection. When one room has a higher temperature difference than the other rooms around it, it can cause more energy usage. This is because the other rooms around it is trying to cool the that hot room, so more heat needs to be generated in order to keep the room hot. The opposite is true for a cold room. I do not know whether this is true or not, but my fellow committee members believe that this is a big issue, especially on West. This was the only issue that people had against this resolution and it was not a major problem. With a few minor edits it could be a great resolution.

The final vote took place and the resolution passed with over whelming majority 16-1-2.

A draft version of the resolution can be found here:


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