Walk to Class

Riley Robb is very far away. Whenever a student sees a class is in Riley Robb, they die a little on the inside. That was exactly how I felt when I saw this class was at Riley Robb. I would have to wake up extra early in order to be on time for class. There is the 82 bus that goes from North directly to the Dairy Bar, but I don’t like taking buses so I walk to class every morning. The usual route involved walking down Triphammer bridge, climbing that dreadful human ecology hill and then walking a long way down tower road. However, after looking at the map of Cornell, I realized that there was a better route to walk to class. This changed my Tuesday and Thursday mornings for ever (as in the rest of the semester).

This is actually quite a secret route as not a lot of people know about it. The route starts just to the side of Appel and it leads uphill and cuts behind the observatory. Then there is a very cute bridge that takes me across the source of Beebe lake and onto Forest Home road. Then walking south, there is a T junction that next to Beebe Hall. Taking that left at the junction, it brings us to the Cornell Plantations. Then following some beautifully constructed wooden stairs, it magically brings me to the Dairy Bar.

This is a very nice route and it pretty in all weather. When it snows, the non maintained path allows me to leave a fresh set of footprints that paves a way for others to follow. In a hotter day, I would see squirrels running around, confused as I am about the weather.  On the bridge, I get the back view of Beebe lake. I am often fascinated by the thickness of the ice and how a lot of it still hasn’t melted. I often wonder how it would feel to walk on that thick block of eyes and other times the Titanic iceberg scene runs repeatedly in my head.

Walking alone, I often feel sorry for the people taking the bus. Although it might be an easier way to get to class but they are not able to embrace the beauty of Cornell’s campus, unable to breath take in the freshness of the morning breeze. I personally think it is a great adventure and everyone should at least make the walk once this semester. I am sure after that walk, it would completely change their perspective on having a 9am class at Riley Robb.



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