Committee Work

Our environmental committee is making great progress. We are currently in the process of contacting various café managers and we are starting to get somewhere with our plan of reducing plastic waste on campus.
What we talked about in our last meeting is actually very related to our current class. Right now people do not really care about their environmental impacts because it does not affect them and it is not inline with their own values. But as we discussed in class, values lead to behavior and these attitudes are very hard to change. But there is one thing that people value more is the money. So when we try to advertise and tell people about bottled water, instead of having a focus on why it would be damaging to the environment, drinking tap water would save a lot more money would be much more effective. It is actually quite sad thinking how we would have to spin it in this way in order for people to by what we are trying to say. This is a great example of the tragedy of the commons. We all live in this great plain called Earth. But instead of sheep, each person has a number of water bottles. As these water bottles are disposable, everyone keeps wanting more of it because they are convenient. There is a perfectly fine lake full of fresh clean water they they can drink from but because it is not as convenient as it requires them to buy a reusable bottle, the people do not drink from it. Now people are just paying money to ruin the perfectly good plain. An extra plastic bottle of water damages the plain a little more and everyone in society that lives on this plain.

Putting it in this context sort of makes humans sound stupid. Why are people spending money to destroy our planet? The real part is why people do not see it as a problem, how by other people using these plastic water bottles also damages your own health as well. Everyone in this system is connected and there is no way out as we only have 1 world. People need to start taking environmental issues seriously. Without this plain for us to live and grow on, there would not be a society and economy. What will be the point of that then?


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