SA Environmental Update

It is quite weird to think that half of my Freshman spring semester had already passed. It has been really fast, just felt like yesterday that I got on a bus and came back to Ithaca. With half the semester left, it means that the Environmental Committee has to step up its game in order to move forward and actually accomplish something meaningful by the end of the semester.

Today, the environmental committee plastics subcommittee discussed various ideas on how we can push forward with our efforts. We have been quiet productive for the past weeks, meeting with various mangers from different cafes, asking them about the plastic waste. We have had success with Temple of Zeus, whose manager said that they are 100% for stopping the sale of water bottles at their café. But the other independent cafes such as Mandibles and Forks and Gravels did not want to stop selling plastic water bottles because they say that these water bottles are actually a huge part of their profits. This came to a surprise for us as we did not expect water bottles to still be make such a huge profit on campus.

What we plan to finish this semester is to strike some sort of deal with Cornell Dining. Previously the Environmental Committee haven’t had a great relationship with Cornell Dining, but through working with them this semester, I believe that our relationship has gotten better. Also Cornell Dining has increased its awareness on sustainability. What Cornell Dining wants to do right now is to sell reusable water bottles at all of their checkout areas on campus. They know that these bottles sell well, but because there isn’t enough in stock, not a lot gets sold.

Overall, we are making good progress and this momentum needs to continue. Hopefully Spring Break wouldn’t slow us down!


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