Climate Action Plan

There has been great success with our on going battle with the University’s administration regarding Cornell’s Climate Action Plan. Cornell has had a superb history in investing into sustainability, and when former President Garrett stated that the 2035 carbon neutrality goal was not a priority, it created ripples of concerns about the faith of the Climate Action Plan across various student bodies on campus.

After months of activism and some great student leadership (from people such as Elizabeth Chi), there has been great improvement and more clarity on the faith of the Climate Action Plan. The Senior Leaders Climate Action Group (SLCAG), is a group of student, faculty and staff charged with Cornell’s carbon neutrality goal. According to the Cornell Daily Sun, “Provost and Acting President Kotlikoff has asked the SLCAG to report back to him by September 1st with a menu of options and associated costs for achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.” This is giant step forward in the correct direction. The information gather would enable the University leadership to provide all of us with the confidence that we will be able to achieve carbon neutrality target by 2035.

I believe that this is a huge step towards the right direction for the university. One of the reasons I chose to come to Cornell was actually for its great track record for sustainability.
I truly believe if it is any of the universities, it would be Cornell who would actually be able to become Carbon neutral by 2035. Although it is a very ambitious goal, it would set president to other universities and future generations to come.

Link to the Cornell Daily Sun Article:


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