24 Hour Journey

My spring break journey began 24 hours ago. It was a very long journey that had multiple legs and covered a distance of over 1800km. The final destination was Orlando, Florida.

My journey began at 12am. After packing my bags, I took a shower and cleaned by room. But trouble struck even before I left my dorm. One of my friends was feeling sick and she puked already. It was not a good sign and not the greatest start to this spring break. She, however, pushed on and we all headed towards the bus terminal on North Campus and boarded the 1am bus for NYC. After making two more stops on West Campus and College Town, the bus finally started to head towards NYC.

There were two other friends on the bus with me. Our plan is to go to NYC and catch the 3:58pm plane out towards Orlando and get into our hotel by 9pm. But we were soon to learn that this journey is not as easy as we thought it would be, everything broke down from the start. We have a total of 6 people heading down to Orlando together. One person went earlier in the day and will be spending the night in NYC. Three of us made the first NYC bus and my other friend was able to catch the second 1am bus. However, my last friend had it rough. All of the 1am buses were full so he was not able to get on. He had to wait out in the freezing Ithaca weather until 4am. It was a rough night.

The bus was bumpy and not so comfortable. But I managed to sleep all of the way to NYC. The bus pulled into Port Authority at 6am. The three of us found a Deli inside the terminal and decided to get some breakfast and wait for our other friends. I did not get anything to eat, I was still half asleep and sort of fell asleep on the dining table of the Deli. My sick friend was not feeling any better and she crashed with me on the table. When I woke up again, my other friend had just gotten in. Now we just had to wait for our last friend, whose 4am bus would pull in around 9am.

The next time I woke up, my last friend had finally arrived. We let him rest for a while and discussed what we were going to do for the next 3 hours. They decided to go to K-town and go shopping, I had no objections, so we took a train and headed to Penn Station. The girls went into H&M and I went to the store around the corner to find some water. Hydration was key to keeping alive for the next few hours. After shopping we headed to a Korean restaurant and had some food before going on the subway to the airport.

The ride to the airport was surprisingly fast. There was some maintenance going on inside the tunnel, so the F train became the M train and by passed 7 stations. We got off at Jamaica center where we switch trains to board the Airlink for the airport.

After a long 20 minute ride inside a cramped small carriage, we finally arrived to JFK. Our flight was due to leave in little over an hour so we rushed towards the check in desks. However, after checking the flight information screen, we realized that our flight had just been delayed for over an hour. We were not happy with this at all, but there was nothing we could do.

Making through the crowded lines of TSA, we sat down near our gate. I tried to do some work, but the sleep deprivation from the bus ride earlier caused me to slowly doze off into a nap. When I woke up, there was 30 minutes left before boarding. The announcement in the speak said that it was due to weather issues in Orlando that caused the FAA to restrict air movement around the region.

When it was finally boarding time, I was very excited. We were finally on our way to Orlando! The Jetblue seats were very comfortable and there was plenty of legroom. We were told by the Captain that we were gonna get delayed some more due to JFK air traffic. This was a bummer, but I slowly dozed off into sleep again. I woke up halfway through the flight. Everyone had drinks and snacks in front of them. It was already 7pm and I am feeling a bit hungry so I asked for a drink. This is what I love about Jetblue, the service was great for a budget airline. There is unlimited drinks and snacks. They even give you the whole can of the drink!

As we approached Orlando, we hit some intense turbulence. It felt very nice for me so I fell back to sleep again. I suddenly woke up when the plane was just about to touch the ground. We finally made it. We were finally in Orlando!!

After getting the checked bags, we finally got to our hotel at 11pm. It was late but I was still hungry because we never had dinner! So two other friends and I headed to the McDonald’s nearby and had a late night snack. As soon as we got back to our hotel rooms, we showered and headed straight to bed.

24 hours later, we were finally in Orlando.


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