The Break

Today was a relatively chill day. Because everyone was very tired from the last two days we decided to take it easy today. We did not set a meet-up time and everyone just woke up naturally. I myself woke up at 11 and stayed in bed until 12. By that time everyone had woken up and people are starting to get hungry so we decided to go back to the mall to get some nice food. We all decided on the Cheesecake Factory, which was relatively inexpensive food they serve.  I got a nice juicy steak which was very nice to eat after having burgers for so long. We then had some nice cheesecake,  I mean it is the Cheesecake Factory after all.

Because we are at the mall some people decided that they were going to stay here instead of go back to Universal. So three of us got into an Uber and headed to Universal for the last day there. We headed directly to Universal Studios because we wanted to try our luck with the Minion ride. However to our disbelief the line was still at 100 minutes. I’ve never seen a ride this popular before. Because my friend was not able ride the Hogwarts Express,  so we headed directly to King’s cross station and wait in the line for the train.  this time it was just as magical as the first time I rode it. It was quite interesting to see the different storyline as we were going the other way this time.

Once we got into Hogwarts,  we had it directly to the Dragon challenge. But to our disbelief the weather hit again and the ride was closed.  so we made a change of plans and headed towards Hogwarts to ride the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. On our way to Hogwarts I saw a group of familiar faces, and it was the clarinet so I drove up from Miami. They were discussing something so I joined in on the discussion and they were very shocked to see me. It was a very nice moment to see old friends somewhere where you don’t expect them to be. after saying hi we rushed to Hogwarts and got in line, but instead of waiting in the single Rider line we waited in the general admission Line. This was because one of our friends told us that you are able to see a lot more of Hogwarts if you waited in general admission line so we took his advice and began our 60 minute wait. As we were waiting in line the weather started to turn. It started to rain really heavily. Luckily we quickly got inside and was able to shield ourselves from the rain.  the rain made everything very cold and miserable so the wait in line felt extra long. But when we finally reached the gates of Hogwarts the magic started to occur. First we saw the Phoenix statue that guarded Dumbledore’s office. And as we moved on we entered the classroom of the defense against the dark arts that was seen in book 2. The line then got to take us to see Dumbledore’s office itself. All of these places looked exactly like the movie, it was very wonderful. As this was the first time my friend I’ve been on this ride, he enjoyed it very much. Universal, you did a really good job with this ride.

As we got out of the ride, the rain started to lighten up and that means the Dragon Challenge was back in action! This time instead of having him sit at the back from the start, we waited directly for the front row seats. It was finally our turn to get on, and when we looked outside the rain started to increase again. As we ascended to the top, the raindrops felt perfectly fine. But as we started to accelerate and go down hill, the raindrops felt like little rocks when they hit my face. The unexpected turns was much more intense with these raindrops and even though it hurt a lot, it made the ride much more exciting. When the ride ended, we waited a long time to get into the station. Something was obviously wrong and we sat in the rain for a solid 5 minutes. But we were actually lucky. It was the last time this ride actually ran, because the staff at the entrance was telling people that the ride was malfunctioning.

The rain did not seem to decrease at all and we were all tired of waiting in line, so we all decided to walk around the park and maybe eventually leave the park. But everyone was a bit hungry, so we went to a place and had some “BBQ Ribs”. The ribs were not good at all, they were very dry and did not have much taste. Thank god I also got chicken as well which was actually pretty good. The best part of the meal was the corn that they had. I haven’t had corn in a while and tasting it was very nice. We took a nice long rest and decided to move on.

Before we left the Island of Adventure, we headed into the gift shop. I mean we had to have some souvenir with us. I don’t really know why, but I really like to buy mugs. I feel like mugs are not like dolls and they actually serve a purpose and some of the mugs they make are very cute. After browsing for a while I got a Minion and Simpson’s mug. The minion’s mug was on sale, two for $20, so my friend and I each got one. The Simpson’s mug is a small espresso mug and it is made in a way that is very cute and I just couldn’t resist. It was a good buy and both were very worth it.

After the shops, we headed towards the other park because we had to see for ourselves what this “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” ride is all about. The wait time was 90 minutes, 10 minutes less than the morning. It was not a huge difference but it was our last day there so we decided to go for it. Let me tell you that this 90 minute wait was very very long. It felt like the end of the world. I really did not want to be there anymore. But it was finally our turn on the ride and to wait that long for a ride like this was not so worth it. Just looking at the ride itself, however, it was very fun and the storyline was very good. I guess I do have a loving for minions after all.

It was a short but long day and the shopping crew never made it to the park so we met them back at the hotel. I was happy with what we did and we got to see all of the major attractions of Universal. Tomorrow we would be hitting Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It is going to be a very long day.


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