Edible Cutlery

We have some good process with the environmental committee today. The next big thing on the table is SpringFest. SpringFest is basically a large event that is hosted on Ho Plaza every year where environmental groups of Cornell present what they are doing and try to get the community more engaged with environmental issues. Our plan for SpringFest as the plastics committee is to educate people and get people to reduce the amount of plastic bottles they use. We would coordinate with Take Back The Tap as their efforts are similar to ours and it would be redundant if we were doing similar things. We would also have a water bottle trivia and hand out free prizes and have a raffle for a really nice reusable water bottle. Of course this would also be a great time for more people to sign our petition on banning water bottles on campus. There is a lot more planning that is needed for this to be a success and with SpringFest right around the corner, we will need to get on it fast.

Another thing that we talked about in the meting was the idea of edible cutlery. There is this company in India that makes spoons, forks and knives. It is actually a very cool idea as once you are done with your food, you are able to just eat the spoon and fork as it if was a snack. This would generate no waste at all. These cutlery themselves are made from a combination of flours. They could also have extra flavoring such as spicy, onion and tomato, garlic, ginger and sweet. Here is a video:

We were discussing all of the possibilities with this cutlery and if Cornell Dining was to use this. It would not only support a small business in a developing country, but also give job security to the majority female workforce that currently work at this factory. I personally think that it is a great idea.

This got me thinking about environmental problems as a whole and environmental justice. Although the environment knows no boundary, it always seems to affect people who receive a lower income. But as it is not possible to solve environmental problems just through education, it is important to include the private sector into this fight. Not only does the private sectors have the resources, they most importantly have the influences in making a change and fight for the environment. This is why I am trying to apply to double major in Applied Economics and Management. I believe this business background, and understanding resource and energy usage from a business and economic point of view would provide me with the skills necessary for me to better adapt to various situations in the future.


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