Spring Fest and Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and for Cornell it is also Spring Fest. Spring Fest is where all of the environmental groups on campus come together and have a big fair on Ho Plaza. It is a time where we can demonstrate to the community everything we have done all year and also educate the community about these various environmental issues. For the environmental committee of the Student Assembly, we had to chose one of the many projects that we had on going on and present it at our booth. The one we chose was the CU Recycle idea where we have been working with Cornell Dining to implement a new system using reusable containers for to-go food instead of the regular throw away ones that are currently used in dining halls such as Trilium and Ivy room.

The idea is that a recycling system is set up. There are many points on campus where the trays can be collected then they would be washed and people are then able to rent them out again for their food. It seems to be a very easy system, but in practice it is quite hard to implement as it is a trust based system. But telling people about this idea, everyone is interested in it. They are all very much aware of what is happening in terms of plastic waste at these dinning spots. So everyone is glad that we are able to do something and work to push all of this in the right direction.



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