Slope Day 2016

Slope Day is a Cornell Tradition that dates back more than 100 years. It is basically a huge celebration for the school year that occurs around the last day of classes. Cornell invites bands to perform for the students and Cornell Dining sells good food and drinks. It is essentially like a short 5 hour music festival.

This year we had a great line up with R. City and Cash Cash as the openers and Walk the Moon as the main event. Although I personally do not know much of their songs, I am looking forward to experiencing Slope Day for the first time.

The trumpets have a very long Slope Day and naturally I wanted to experience it. The plan was to go to Haus at 9pm and watch a movie, however I had to write a paper that was due, meaning that I was caught up in the computer lab till 11:30pm. I eventually took a bus down to collegetown and walked down to Haus. By the time I got there, it was already midnight. Slope Day had started.

The pregame party began and ended late into the night at around 3am. We then scrambled around trying to find get a place to sleep. But after what felt like a short nap, we got woken up but the sound of a trumpet. I looked at the time and it was just 7:30am. Everyone got up and headed downstairs. The music was playing loudly and it was evident that anyone still asleep would be getting woken up very soon. Champagne bottles were popped open and the pre-game began.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright above ithaca and it is just a perfect day for Slope Day. The Ithaca weather machine has done it again. A game of cornhole also started on the driveway. The alumni were very good at this game, and we got beaten in just 3 rounds. I mean it was my first time playing after all.

At 12, we headed towards the slope. People just started arriving and the slope was slowly filling up with people. The opening act, R. City, was on stage getting ready to start off the show. I walked around and said hi to everyone I know. It isn’t until you come to one of these events, do you realize you actually know a lot of people. It is a great feeling and you know Cornell has become your home.

I did not really pay much attention to the opening acts that were happening on stage. R. City and Cash Cash played some well known pieces which I would sing along to, but overall I did not really pay attention to it. I was conversing with my friends, having a good time talking to people, leaving this semester behind. I mean classes are over after all.

I would sometimes head up to Ho Plaza to get some free food such as popcorn and cotton candy. I eventually bought some credits from Cornell Dining so I could get the ice cream and nachos that they had on sell.

Walk the Moon, the headliner for Slope Day came on last. I was very hyped and excited for them to play “Shut Up and Dance”. This moment came halfway through their act and as soon as that song came up, the whole slope ran down and started to bundle together at the stage. From an aerial view, it was very impressive to see that many people together on the Slope. It truly shows you how many people Cornell has and how big of a community we are.

Slope Day came to an end around 4:30pm. It was a very fun but long day and I was feeling very tired. My head was also pounding because I was very dehydrated. I found some trumpets and slowly made my way back to Haus. The oldies decided to head to Luna’s for happy hour and the couch was empty. I drank a lot of water and sat down on the couch nearly going to go into a nap. Some of the others headed downtown to get some food and I waited for them to come back. After resting for a while, the freshman decided to head back to north has it had been a long day for us.

After taking a shower, I was way too tired as my head was still pounding. I set an alarm for 1.5 hours and headed to sleep. It was a great day and Slope Day is definitely an experience. I can not wait for Slope Day next year and get to experience all that again.



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