Mad Max: Fury Road – Movie Review

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most exciting movies I have watched in awhile. The genius way that George Miller had directed this movie makes it a true spectacle to watch.

For me, the greatest part of the movie was the action packed car chases that could be seen throughout the movie. If you just look at the storyline of the movie, it is actually very simple. It is just about how a Cult Leader tries to get his wives back from a rogue follower that successfully helped the wives escape. The simple story line becomes amplified with the introduction of the V8 clut and the way society is shaped and formed in this movie.

The V8 Clan was something straight out of Miller’s wonderful imagination. Creating and developing a Cult based on the V8 engine was truly spectacular as it was the only truly mechanical thing in that wasteland. Having the number of cars they have is also a sign of power. With the War Boys serving Immortan Joe as their true leader and believed that they had to die a glorious death in order to enter the gates of Valhalla.

The costume of the movie was truly spectacular and I understand why the Academy Award was awarded to Jenny Beavan. Her work was spectacular. Beavan was able to use her costume design to create another level of meaning for the moving. The wives of Immortan Joe all wore white. This is a great contrast as before the introduction of his wives, nobody had worn white. It could also be symbolic in stating that the wives were angels, and they were the ones who will save this dying cult. Beavan also uses her costumes to show the different cult, with each cult having a very distinctive dress code that aligns with their ideologies. Everything was perfect from head to toe.

The action scenes in this movie is another highlight. The whole idea of placing all the action of the movie on vehicles is just such a magnificent idea. This is also complemented by instead of using flashy looking sports cars, all of the cars are modified and welded together into different shapes and sizes. There is even a dedicated music car, where a War Boy just plays the guitar just to hype the other drivers up for the battle, which I personally think is really badass. The way the battles were fought were also different. Instead of just having a firefight, there were some imaginative ways of attacking the enemy. There is a speer with some explosive on the end where the War Boys throw, and it blows up on impact. There are these long swinging poles that are able to throw the War Boys onto other vehicles. It is a very primitive way but also a very effective and innovative in a post apocalyptic world.

My overall verdict for this movie is very positive. As mentioned before, this movie was one of the better movies I have watched so far. I hope Miller would produce and direct another movie in this series. I would definitely be first in line to watch that movie.

Concept: 10/10

Acting: 8/10

Storyline: 8/10

Overall Rating: 9/10



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