BB Gun

Today I took a day off work to go BB gunning with my friends. We chose BB gun over paintball because it is much more exciting and cheaper than paintball.

Everyone got up early and met at Terminal 21 at 9am. As I was home alone, I was able to get the car and drive. This BB gun place we are going to is very far away. It is all the way at ISB, 26 kilometers away. My car was only able to fit a total of 5 people including myself, so 4 other people had to take a taxi to get to the place.

As it was not a weekend, there were a lot of traffic even when we were on the highway. But as rush hour had passed, we managed to reach our destination 40 minutes later. The taxi group had reached before us but there was still another car of people to come.

After the newbies got a safety briefing, we decided to play one round without the other group of people. As it was the first round, people were scared and not prepared to get hit by the BB bullets. It is a sharp pain that occurs, but if shot from a far range, it does not actually hurt that much. But from a closer range, that is a whole different story. It was not a very exciting match and it ended quite early and by that time, the other group had showed up as well meaning the real games may begin.

The guns we were using are semi or automatic guns. Although they are battery powered, they are still quite powerful and can cause quite a lot of damage. We split the teams up evenly and strapped on arm bands. There were 13 of us in total, so a lot of people to shoot at on each team.

The battle rounds were all very intense. Having played BB gun only once before with only 8 people, the increase in 5 extra people really did make a difference. It made it feel like every run or move you take is dangerous as people can shot at you from various directions. Often times I would get shot at but would have completely no idea as to how I could have been shot.

The field of play was also very different to the last time we came to play. Bangkok have been raining quite frequently lately, which has caused some significant damage to the map. There were huge puddles in the grass which meant that one side of the map was at a disadvantage. This disadvantage was soon realized as the team on the other side started to win the majority of the matches. But it was a hard earned fight every time.

As the game grew more and more intense, we also got more and more tired. It was a particularly hot day and everyone was sweating like crazy when our masks were on. However, we pushed on and continued to play into the afternoon.

In the last hour, people started to drop out of game play. We soon only had 10 people willing to play as others were to tired and hot to be playing. At around 3pm, we decided that it was time to call it quit. It was way too hot and I was very tired.

After taking a long rest and cooling down with a cold towel. I decided to head back to Bangkok. However, there were still some of us that wanted to stay and continue playing. We said our goodbyes and I headed for the city.

There were a total of 7 of us taking my car back to Bangkok and naturally it was very crowded. As it was not a weekend, there were a lot of traffic on the highways. It was a long and crowded ride, but as there were a lot of people, plenty of entertainment as well. We eventually got to the city 40 minutes later, which in traffic terms was actually pretty fast.

BB gun was very fun and it was extra fun when we had a great large group of 13 friends playing together. It is definitely something that we will do again in the near future.



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