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Suicide Squad – Movie Review

Suicide Squad, where do I start? I mean it was not as bad as the critics said it would be in their reviews. To be honest, I don’t think they were being very fair. But I would not call this movie the greatest movie ever, as there were many conceptual fails to this movie.

The movie starts of with a very long introduction. This is where DC did it all wrong. DC should have learned from Marvel and released individual movies about each villain. Everyone of the villains have exciting back stories that could easily become a movie. Then after all of these movies are released, they can be brought together into this single movie. Similar to what Marvel did with the Avengers. This would first of all clarify a lot of things about how these characters ended up in their current situation and prevent the huge back story that had to be told, allowing the current movie to move forward.

Another huge major flaw of this movie is the somewhat unbelievability of certain scenes in this movie. One that stood out the most was when Diablo (the pyrokinetic) was fighting Incubus. Diablo suddenly changed into an ancient looking mythical creature and started to speak the same language as Incubus. When I saw this scene, I was just so confused. How did Diablo suddenly just change into a non human like creature. I mean, he might have been a mythical creature all along, but that was never actually expressed in the movie. This is just another reason why making movies on each of these characters would have been better. Similar, a flashback of Harley Quinn (Joker’s lover) shows Harleen Quinzel jumping into a huge tank of what seemed to be wax, looking as if she was killing herself. But then the Joker himself jumps in after her, saving her life. This scene was very confusing as it was just a flashback that occurred at a very random time in the movie, having no association with the storyline at that current time at all.

Although this movie is about the villains, it failed to portray the evilness that villains are meant to have. At the end of the movie, the villains no longer became villains anymore, they all changed and became heros. They are villain heros. I mean, why couldn’t they just have a smaller extra bad villain who was just trying to destroy the city and mid way through the battle, have the villains switch sides causing the extra bad villain to take control of the city. In my mind, that would actually be a movie about villains. Unlike superheros, there has not yet been a defined way of creating a classic movie on villains. But this attempt by Suicide Squad did not succeed in establishing a villain formula in any way.  

Finally there were also huge flaws in the storyline. If the world is about to die because of Enchanted, then why didn’t Batman show up to help? I know this happened in the days after Batman vs Superman and that Batman might be keeping a low profile, but the world is about to be destroyed and you still don’t come and help out? Also even though Superman is badly injured, the last scene of that movie was his coffin levitating. I am sure he could have somewhat recovered by now, he is Superman after all and the world was in pretty bad shape at that time.

The only section that did somewhat make sense was the mini-credit scene. Waller hands Wayne a stack of classified government information on meta-humans in exchange for her own protection. This linked up nicely with the end of Batman vs Superman as Wayne told Prince that he is trying to form a group of metahumans in Superman’s absence. This is a nice leadway for the Justice League movie that would be coming out next year.

However, I do have to commend the movie on its extraordinary playlist and movie score that Steven Price composed. Each villain had their own theme that reflected their physical appearance and more importantly their mental state. There were also a lot of classic pop songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody which fit certain areas of the movie very accurately.  

DC could have went a very long way with this movie. It could have been a contender to the Marvel series of superheroes but it decided to take the small step, instead of a giant leap.

Concept: 6/10

Acting: 8/10

Storyline: 4/10

Overall Rating: 5/10

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